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Bad Wings v1 Pre-Built

Bad Wings v1 Pre-Built

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Version 2

V1 has been retired.


  • 36 key unibody split with 15deg angle
  • Choc spaced, column staggered layout
  • Gentle splay on ring and pinky columns
  • Hotswap
  • Cirque touchpad support (QMK/VIAL Only)
  • Firmware
  • 3D Printable Case: TOP / BOTTOM

Switches and keycaps are not included.  Get some switches here.

Want to put one together yourself, check out the Bad Wings Kit.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Chris Weiss
      Great small one piece QMK friendly board

      I purchased the Bad Wings specifically to figure out a good 36 key layout that would work with other similar split boards. I also thought it would be easier to travel and use a one piece on a plane. I have found the ease of working with the 2040 compatible Xiao seed MCU a joy, flashing easily and quickly as I make dozens of adjustments during a session.

      The board itself has a smooth appealing case, and the touchpad works well. My only complaint is the lack of buttons to reset and put it into bootloader mode. I dealt with that by creating a key on a higher layer that would put the board into bootloader. I love that I can flash it be dragging over the uf file like I would with a USB drive.

      It is the perfect experimental hobby board that I may put into permanent use.

      R Seymour
      First small keyboard that makes sense.

      I'd always done DIY keyboard building, but the price on the Bad Wings was competitive. I wanted to try the 36 key style with layers, and the touchpad was the real bonus. As far as keyboards I've bought in the mech world it's really really good and solid. I initially put blues on but then upgraded to Sunset Tactile Choc Switches which made it perfect.